• Q&A Jiska van Rossum (2007)
04-06-2013Van Rossum was Lichting participant in 2007 after graduating at Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Arts and Design (HKU) and finished the FIA masters in Arnhem in 2010.

Image: Louis Vuitton AW 13/14 Style.com


What are you doing at the moment?
Right now I’m working as designer at Prêt à Porter homme Louis Vuiton. We are just three weeks before the next show.


Was it always your dream to work at a big fashion company?
Yes it was. At the Academy I already knew I didn’t want to start my own label, but work for a high end, luxury fashion company, preferably in Paris. Only here you find the combination of craftsmanship, quality and the scale of things that make it possible to design on a high level.


How did you manage to get a job at Louis Vuiton?
I was very determined to work in Paris after I finished my masters degree. I solicited for an internship and I guess I was lucky enough to be the right person at the right moment. It turned out to be a good match, since I’m still working there – now as a designer – with lots of pleasure.


Why did you decide to get your masters degree after you graduated at HKU?
It was only in my final year at HKU that I realized I wanted to design men’s wear. Following a master was a good way to develop myself and build a nice portfolio. But besides education, getting ‘real time’ experience via an internship is really important.