• Q&A Matthijs Boelee (ArtEZ)
05-06-2013Matthijs Boelee is course director ArtEZ Fashion Design

Photo: Marc Deurloo


Is there a difference in what kind of students you have now, compared to seven years ago?

Not really, as in every year a class is different. This has to do with all kinds of factors, like the girl/boy ratio, group dynamics etcetera.


Would you recommend students to get a masters degree right after the Academy?

I would advice them to go into the field to discover their ambition in the fashion industry more thoroughly. The fashion industry was never more complex then now. There are so many directions you can choose from. When you have decided upon this, then you can really enhance your knowledge and skills via a masters programme.


Do alumni stay in The Netherlands, or do you see a trend that they go abroad – to London or Paris – to work in fashion?

When you talk about the traditional fashion capitals Paris, Milan, London and New York: they will definitely stay on top of the fashion world for the years to come. But since The Netherlands are so close to these cities and of course the internet, it is possible to work from here and still be in the fashion world. This international way of working your already see with students: they easily go to Paris or London for a day just to buy their fabrics.


Can you name a specific skill of Dutch Fashion alumni?

Companies where our students do internships often praise the broad and interdisciplinary way in which our students are trained. Besides their core skills they have some knowledge about graphic design, textiles, knitting and other techniques, which makes them very valuable.


Can you name one aspect a Lichting candidate should have?

The candidate should deliver quality – of course – and be able to make a strong, personal fashion statement.


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