Anne-Kathrin Bannier
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht


Clothing mirrors our society. We are what we wear. This collection is a statement about existence. I want to direct attention to the ‘though we’re actively destructing the world..…I feel fine’-attitude of people. I aim to confront people that our polluting habits are going to kill us slowly. Over and over again, when we’re confronted with bad news on our planet, we always find a way to deal with it and embrace it.


This collection tells the story of people celebrating an excessive Armageddon party, like a dance on a volcano that’s about to erupt.  The colour palette of morbid black, sparkling silver and dirty yellow combined with humorous decorations result in a unisex collection with garments designed for special occasions.

Jackets made of black adhesive tape with contrasting hairy woollen collars refer to our throw-away-society versus our primeval instincts. The use of classical carnival fabrics draws the apocalyptic statement into absurdity.

Black thumbs up! This is the end and we don´t give a damn! 
Worlds end, worlds end, party time, excellent!
Photo: Fabian Landewee