Amber Sophie Smidt
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


I found my inspiration while looking at a documentary of Johan van der Keuken about Beppie, a ten-year-old Dutch girl talking about how she experiences life. My collection is inspired on the vision of existentialists like Lucebert and Johan van der Keuken; communicating through the eyes of the youth, observing their world, their photography, documentaries and prose.


The theme of your life, as an individual on this earth, is dedicated to growth -becoming who you are and who you want to be. To what extent are humans created or influenced by their environments? We have to make path-defining decisions at an increasingly younger age. The sky is our limit and choices endless. Young girls carry heavy burdens because of society’s pressure to choose. Wisdom and knowledge function as their protection.
What kind of impact has this mental growth on our bodies? Does our body change equally as our perceptions evolve?

When we conclude that the boundaries of our existence are in our own control, utter freedom is within reach. My collection visualises these transitions in life. Protective porcelain bodyparts in brilliant shades of blue are combined with clean silhouettes in leather, light silks and cottons. Shiny dotted prints on the central of the woman’s body reflect on these transitions in body and perception.


Photo: Amber isabel