Brian Geradts
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht

About the collection

My graduation collection ‘you see the overall of what we are’ is inspired by volcano eruptions.


The dark, dramatic, oppressive, threatening and energetic atmosphere surrounding a volcano eruption provides a strong foundation for the collection, reflected in high-necked collars, high-waist pants and constricted coats.


Sharp lines and shapes combined with unique, distinguishable digital printed patterns and accurate workmanship come together in a strong collection.

The volcano eruption is literally adopted within the digital print. Dividing seams and layers symbolize the flowing lava. Dim, shiny, sleek, structural and hairy materials such as wool, silk, alpaca, velvet and velour emphasize the atmosphere as well as the colours. Black and dark green shades evoke oppressive and threatening feelings, while white and orange portray the fume and lava that are complemented with a soft green.


Discrete volumes create cool attitudes while fine lines define an elegant silhouette for a young, modern and daring man.


Photo: Valentina Vos