Natalie Barschewski
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht

About the collection

The visit

My final collection named „The Visit“ is inspired by the same-titled classic tragicomedy written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and focuses on its main character, Claire Zachanassian.
I was fascinated by Zachanassian‘s inner strife of beeing trapped in her avid for revenge on her early love and her longing for ultimate independence. It was my intention to create a collection that visualizes the main character‘s personal ambivalence. Each Outfit stands for a specific chapter and therefore an important period of the protagonist‘s life. Like an invisible viewer I entered Claire Zachanassian‘s reality and chose to reveal her inner distortedness by playing with asymmetry and using materials I took out of their traditional contexts to underline her influence as `the world‘s richest woman.