Simone Schampers
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the Collection

Une grande star d’ un petit cirque, Daddy’s little girl


My collection is about a father and daughter relationship who are coming from a circus family. They always travelled around France. The Father was his whole life a clown and the circus boss. Daddy’s little girl is a real gypsy girl who wants to escape from the circus. She dreams about the Haute Couture dresses of the circus visitors. She has the desire to run away from the circus. For her the ultimate escape would be to marry a men.

In paris at the Moulin Rouge she find him and they have a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. This seperates the father and daughter, but she will never forget her roots, they always stay together in their memories like traditions.

The story is a performance script with alter ego’s which i use to tell my feelings about having the desire to be together when that’ s not possible and to show my feelings about fashion now a days. I think it’s important to have less Fast Fashion and more Couture on the streets. This will give more freedom to create something authentic and to use craftmanship, selfexpression but also to see and feel the value of a garment, that could live forever.