Karlijn Krijger
graduate of MAFAD Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design


Investigation 8 is the research to a design system, 8.

This system uses one pattern as the foundation for an entire collection. By using this pattern, I set up an infinite amount of possibilities for creating new contemporary garments to be worn in our daily lives. With an emphasis on durability, the pieces are multifunctional and the patterns created with a zero waste approach. Each original garment is expressed through a juxtaposition of the feminine side of Mother Earth as well as ancient beliefs about geometric proportions and harmony of the human body and our planet.

The multifunctional pieces are wrapped around the body and connected with 2 golden circles, the 8. These circles represent – just like the pieces – the magnificence of our planet, but also the infinite amount of the wearing possibilities and the imbalance of the fashion industry.

The pieces are divided in Pracht-, Pronk & Draagstukken and I plan to continue the research for the wearability of these pieces after graduation.