Maria van Steenoven
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem

About the collection

My collection grew from my fascination for materials found in the workshop, such as brass, ceramics and wood. The machines that are used to process and to work these materials, as well as the workshops themselves, have been the basis for creating my designs. In bringing this together with my interest in accessories, my collection emerged.

In the end I decided to remove the distinction between accessories and clothing by giving the accessory a function. To integrate materials such as brass into clothing, I started to approach them as jewellery. I then combined the jewellery with fabric, using it as a connection or as a clip. It becomes an object, not just a decorative piece of jewellery but an element of the garment, with a function.

The message from my collection is to regard everything that is situated on the body with the same value. In this way, other materials such as brass, in this case, can be integrated with fabric.

Photo: Jessica Nap