Serena Janssen
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


The red thread in my final collection was the enormous abundance of advertising in daily life. Every day we get in many different ways all advertising and are presented through aggressive marketing, we stressed the need to buy certain products.


Products appear today in quality hardly succeeded in doing so, the manufacturers of a huge battle to become by using advertising and marketing to woo consumers. It is by, among other things, role models apply a new world created and consumers seduced to this newly created worlds to participate. What strikes me here is that many consumers seem to easily go in by advertising and marketing created worlds and I wonder why people are so happy to be seduced by advertising programs to purchase.


In mi collection are prints that have been established by collage’s of logos of companies and products. These prints form the basis of my designs and on this basis, I ask. Short and clear. These questions, to distinguish between advertising and demand to give, used as a red print.

What I want to achieve is clear that the world we live in a huge amount of advertising has been and that it might ask to what extent you are willing it to go. To what extent are people prepared to participate in this consumerism.


An exponent of this consumerism is obviously the case that we all get to another purchase. The bag should therefore form the basis of my collection. I got them in the study open cut, cut, cut, and all possible ways to each other. Looking for forms that ultimately have been the basis for my final collection of five dresses.