• Participant 2013 Loekie Mulder
08-07-2013KABK nominated Loekie with her collection Ab ovo

Photo by Jip Broeks
Model: Paulette@Elite Model
Mua Colourfool Agency


About the Collection


Ab ovo
The concept of this collection is inspired on mythological female characters. These goddesses and demi-goddesses have extraordinary powers, but they look like humans and have human traits. The contrast between the extraordinary and the human; the stories, the strong personalities and the symbols inspired my graduate collection.


Ten mythological goddesses have found their way into my collection. Their stories formed the basis for the silhouettes. I used their symbolic attributes to create my printed patterns. An interesting and refreshing color palette and a rich and playful tapestry of lines and patterns intensify the meaning of each silhouette. This resulted in a collection of ten designs that represent strong, beautiful, modern women in a contemporary style.


My collages and drawings are the actual starting point of my design process. From these drawings I developed patterns that are used to print on different fabrics.  I’ve moulded these fabrics on a dummy until I find the right atmosphere. This mould is the primary ingredient of the final design.


This collection shows wearable fashion that expresses a strong statement. I want to realize an image of the modern, expressive woman that radiates charm and character. For me, fabrics and prints are just as important as shape. My own designed and printed fabrics provide uniformity to my collections and make it Loekie Mulder.