• Henriette Tilanus wins Lichting!
17-07-2013Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013 came to an end with a Bang!

After a thrilling show with the top notch fashion graduates of The Netherlands, Henriette Tilanus won the Lichting G-Star RAW Award.


As panel members Maarten van der Horst (fashion designer) and  Robb Young (strategic consultant) stated:

“What I can see is that an extraordinary number of these Dutch graduates have great strength of character.  Some are firmly grounded as well as creative – and many are prepared to defend their ideas. But most importantly, there are at least a few who are talented enough to one day flourish on the global stage.”


Alexander Fury (fashion editor The Independent) agreed that the standard overall was extremely high. There was no student’s collection that failed to surprise him. Stefan Siegel (founder NOT JUST A LABEL): “Lichting is not only a show, but it highlights the local creative culture, it exposes those who should be supported. These 13 names have shown the will to change, it is now our responsibility to give them the ecosystem to flourish!”