• Open Call Lichting 2023
14-06-2023The open call for Lichting 2023 is now opened for all 2023 fashion design graduates

Click here to view the pdf file of the Lichting open call 2023: Lichting open call 2023

The open call for Lichting 2023 is now open!
Since 2022 Lichting opened up spots for participants that enter via an open call. Students that graduate in 2023 from the seven Dutch fashion academies* may apply to enter the competition.

There are two ways to enter the Lichting 2023:

• The seven Dutch fashion academies* each select one graduate.
• Via the open call you can apply to participate.

Selection procedure

Lichting 2023 works in three selection rounds:

• Selection by academies or open call:
• The 7 Dutch fashion academies send in one student each. These graduates are guaranteed through to the Dutch jury pitches.
• All design graduates from the academies can apply via an open call
• The Lichting organization selects 25 candidates for the third round (this includes the 7 selected graduates from the academies)
• The 25 selected candidates each present their concept, process and work in a short presentation to a Dutch jury, who will select ten final participants for Lichting 2023.

These ten participants are in the Lichting trajectory and event. The participants will receive guidance and preparation to pitch their work to an international panel and present their work during the Lichting event for panel, press and a curated audience. The panel will pick one winner for Lichting 2023. The Lichting winner receives a cash prize of €10.000,- from Meester Koetsier Foundation and legal support and advice with regard to creating and developing a fashion brand and -business by Van Kaam IP, Media & Privacy.

Requirements to participate

Participants of Lichting each stand out in what they do; whether that is couture, digital design, performance, commercial product, innovative design or handcrafted materials, the condition is that you create impressive work and excel in your work.
All Lichting participants;
• graduated in fashion design at an HBO fashion academy
• graduated between 1 January 2023 and 1 August 2023
• deliver an outstanding performance in fashion design
• can make their concept, process and end result clear within their application
• Are available at all dates Lichting takes place
• Presentation to Dutch jury – 21 July 2023
• Portfolio & pitch workshop – 4 August 2023
• Panel pitch for international panel – 31 August 2023
• Lichting event – 1 September 2023


Click here to fill out the application for Lichting 2023
The deadline to apply is 12 July 18:00
questions? hello@htnkinternational.com
Click here to view the pdf file of the Lichting open call 2023: Lichting open call 2023
*The seven Dutch academies that participate in Lichting are AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute, ArtEZ school of the arts – Arnhem, Gerrit Rietveld Academy – Amsterdam, MAFAD Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Royal Academy of Art – The Hague, Utrecht School of the Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy – Rotterdam.