• Mathew Stevenson-Wright


Firstly I started out in Amsterdam (ironically) working together with photographer Joost Van de Brug, I lived there for approximately a year before I sought a career that was more involved in the art direction/fashion styling area. I moved to London to work in the fashion industry and have done for 6 and half years. I started off interning for Tank magazine then moved on to Assist Panos Yiapanis and then William Gilchrist. I was made Junior men’s fashion editor of the Observer fashion supplement called O Magazine – all in all I was assisting/interning for just under 3 years. I was then asked to Join wallpaper and am now the Fashion Editor (I look after all of the mens) I accepted the job as its a great magazine/brand that has a great aesthetic, not only in fashion but within the broader spectrum of design. Wallpaper is a big support of new talent, every January we dedicate an issue to the new generation, in which we preview who we think are outstanding new talents from all over the world.