• NoéMie Schwaller
As a highly motivated and quality orientated manager within the fashion publishing sector, NoéMie has a proven track record of providing exemplary leadership of a broad range of projects for clients including the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, the British Fashion Council and high-profile individuals.
Her position as sole founder, Director and Editor in Chief of DASH Magazine has enabled her to develop not only specific media experience as self-publisher within fashion editorial, but also a valuable and transferable skillset from running a small- scale business on a low budget as well as an extensive industry network.
NoéMie initiated award-winning media projects such as DASH Magazine and the In- ternational Fashion Showcase London, managed her own team, formulated business plans, took sole responsibility of organisational finances and participated in various side projects such as organising several launch parties for over 700 people a time. Utilising excellent communication skills, she developed and maintains successful working relationships with both former and current clients and collaborators.