• Borre Akkersdijk
Borre Akkersdijk has been involved in textile development for over 12 years. In 2015 he co-founded BYBORRE - the Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of scalable bespoke textile development and production. What started with Borre questioning and rewiring the creative boundaries of circular knitting machines at production sites, grew into a company dedicated to rewiring everything in the production processes of knitted textiles.

His studio in Amsterdam houses a knit lab and atelier, a curated library of yarns and the latest of industry innovations coming from a network of industry experts that are otherwise siloed off and inaccessible to most. At the center of this all is the textile design platform Create™, BYBORRE’s own design tool which serves as a digital interface opening up the freedom to create textiles whilst playing with responsible design options. The goal is to put creators from a wide range of industries in charge of their own designs so they can make the most out of their own textile in a streamlined, waste-conscious manner, without having to understand the technicalities of machines, yarns and manufacturing processes. Creators understand their own brief, BYBORRE provides them with the solutions to consciously create and play.