Marije Hellwich
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


‘Public/Private/Public’ is about the different identities of garments in western society. People can attribute personal emotion and meaning to a garment whilst the same garment can be perceived totally unacceptable to the bigger part of society. When a person doesn’t conform to the dress codes of society a garment and the person wearing it can be labeled as ‘strange’.These codes of conduct led us to create a public and a private identity for ourselves. An enormous gap may exist in what we wear in public and what can only be worn in private.

In my collection I used and combined iconical garments like the t-shirt, bra, suit, tights, down jacket and wedding dress, to create a bridge between public and private space. It represents the differences in established ideas in society and personal choices, what can be quite contradictory.
Photo: Liam Tickner