Janneke Lemmers
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


After interning with Alexander McQueen and exploring London, I realised I could achieve a lot on my own and decided to take the year off to do some more fashion exploring. An adventure it was..


My graduate collection is based on my personal fascination for ‘the worst case scenario’ or better said ‘the end of time’. I concluded my wondering with a comforting prophecy: humans will find a way to survive by going back to their origin, to new beginnings. A new start brings the opportunity to do things different. We can become in-tune with our surroundings. This idea is shown in oversized jackets, worn in different ways, that look as if they emerged from a stalactite cave.

I’ve been inspired by colourfully lit caves, the texture of stalagmites, fossils and materials that have a basic sense of origin. Subtle tulles form organic shapes that seem to ‘grow over the body’. Casted latex as an interpretation of water, ‘fossilized buttons’ and fur underline the organic image of the collection.
Photo: Vincent Kos