Floor Kolen
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


The concept of this collection is inspired on the moment in history where Dada evolved into Surrealism. Dada revolted by mocking bourgeoisie ideals and art, while Surrealism took their dissatisfaction one step further by escaping to a new, more satisfying reality. In Dada and Surrealism, I recognized my personal coping mechanisms. I am capable of protest and stubborn revolts but I can also create fantastic new realities by materialising my dream world.


Both these characteristics come together in my inner fool, he is there to embody my problems and laugh at them at the same time. I take myself serious, but not too much. This fool represents the joyful aspect of that part of us that we repress. He is our inexhaustible energy, as long as we agree to laugh at our serious selves, going always beyond ourselves.
This collection presents the fool inside of me.

A collection consisting of polyester shapes, pierrot collars and big dotted prints. The colour palette shows mysterious greys combined with deep orange and golden yellow. One might question reality while looking at this collection; the new body shapes and transparent fabrics create an illusion where the true body is hard to identify.
Photo: Kasimir Szekeres