Nicolaas Hein
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


In 1897, 40.000 men migrated to Klondike in Yukon, Canada in the hope to find gold and happiness. Having survived this life-threatening journey, upon arrival, most men got caught up in some sort of carnival instead of an actual search for gold. My work is based on the paradox that took place at Klondike: rugged men looking for happiness in gold, but actually finding it in themselves and each other.


Inspired by an old tale:

“All my life,”  he said, ”I have searched for the treasure.

I have sought it in the highplaces, and in the narrow.

I have sought it in deep jungles, and at the ends of rivers,

and in dark caverns – and yet have not found it.

“Instead, at the end of every trail,

I have found you awaiting me.

And now you have become familiar to me,

though I cannot say I know you well.

Who are you?”
And the stranger answered: “Thyself.”

Photo: Peter Stigter