Mattia Akkermans
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


This collection is based on traditional costumes from the Dutch province Zeeland and colonial Suriname from around 1900. A contradiction to my other source of inspiration; a video by Ryoichi Kurokawa of digitalized landscapes. Both directions resulted in a collection that embodies a fascinating clash between manual and digital, between tradition and the future.

In my work I’m always on the look for opposites and contradictions. Enlarged volumes in skirts, aprons and short tops constitute the basis of this collection. Tales are told in fabrics, prints and colours. Combinations of light versus heavy fabrics underline the paradox. Prints are hand drawn, though digitally printed and digital imagery is silkscreen printed which underlines the confusion. Embroidery adds an extra dimension to the prints. The colour scheme is very bright, put in unexpected combinations.
Photos: David Joosten