Miriam de Waard
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

About the collection

“Wake for them” is about female night watchers, watching over their sleeping group during nighttime using their natural nightly instinct. They are born with a high-alertness and instinct at night to protect and take care. These women are approachable, but have to keep a certain distance; they are both sensual and raw. Not afraid to face their own fears, neuroses and deepest dreams, they are brave enough to create a world where they feel safe.


Alertness and instinct are for me in one line with surprises and the unexpected parts of the night. The concept of this collection has developed into tensions between color gradients and layers of fragile as well as heavier fabrics. I pleated fabric by hand and created experimental forms such as round shoulder parts. Metallic materials as copper thread twisted around

leather straps and my own textile made out of melted sequins are there to complement the unexpected. To create the specific form and atmosphere I was aiming for, I made my silhouettes like collages on a mannequin. I also used my own mysterious prints created by collages, photographs and drawings that comply with the purpose to draw you into the silhouette.


Photo: Lotte van Raalte