Nadja Wering
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the collection

Our ancestors used the skin as protective clothing. For surviving purposes their skin was thicker and hairier, but evolution changed this. The human body will in the future get an important role in regard to appearances.


Nowadays it has already become common to be able to change your body the way you like. Besides clothes, modifying your body allows you to express yourself. I am intrigued with the idea that you can even replace inner parts of your body, as you like.


Dehumanization allows people to give a personal interpretation to the modified body. This body will become a type of clothing, which we are able to reform. Fashion as we know it will disappear, resulting in a new appearance in “clothing”. A tension will exist between the natural and the human-edited.

The collection consists of abstract shapes, inspired by the external human body and experimental textiles, inspired by our inside, made of bee wax, paper, metal, and wool, which are key items in my collection.


Photo: Karen Kikkert