Sara Veenstra
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht

About the collection

This collection is based on an American Carnivàle, a surrealistic traveling carnival during the dust bowl early ’30s; time of The Great Depression. Coping with extreme poverty, the carnival had to keep running and the available material was handled creatively.


To survive in this time you had to stand out and be strong, which especially for women was not easy. The contrasts between rich and poor were large and to be perceived as strong, independent women a sexy dress arose with rags and conquers using women’s bodies.


Carnivale represents the mysterious world between magic and reality, good and evil, heaven and hell. The “freaks” of society came together and showed themselves in a completely unique way: edgy, a little strange and extravagant, but with style and pride. Proud of where they came from and what they had achieved, they brought lost glory back to life.

This is reflected in my collection by use of natural materials combined with extensive bright colors, feathers and exuberant elements of lingerie. The fabrics are hand-carved and colored, displaying proud women, showing the raw edge of their roots. They dressed daring and exposed opposed to being closed and modest. Their survival instinct, throws all shames overboard, giving them total freedom of body and expression.


Photo: Kazoe van den Dobbelsteen