Tess van Zalinge
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the collection

The concept of this collection is inspired on the urge I have to create my dream identity. The unlimited possibilities did not comfort me and my craving for careless decisions increased. Guidance is what I was looking for.


What if I believed, what if I had a religion? Would that limit the astonishing possibilities?


Choices and decisions based on faith, choices that were complicated, would than seem straightforward. The reasoning within religion behind why you should do or should not do brings you guidance, peace and consolation. I am looking for what I want to be.


This guidance I find in the faithful, chaste and old Dutch folklore in combination with the colorful, free and uninhibited African culture. A dream identity that should provide limited opportunities and will bring peace in a time of unlimited possibilities.

This collection presents my dream identity. A collection that contains two different sides of my story, on the one hand pure and unwritten pieces that express the feeling of unlimited possibilities and on the other hand my personal interpretation of my dream identity. Consisting graphic ethnic prints, chaste silhouettes and delicate laces. The color palette shows a lot of ochre yellow combined with different shades of deep purple, soft pink, coral, bright blue and mint green. A peek into my interpretation on how the two worlds of folklore come together.


Photo: Ron Stam

Hair & Make-up: Zuza Mandrysz