Maartje van Hooij
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the Collection

A new Bow-Tie
The concept of my collection is based on the fact that we live in an image-driven world. We communicate through images, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
I thought of the challenges of launching yourself as an artist in the world of fashion and art. You need powerful imagery to stand out in the crowd.

This collection represents my vision on fashion and current changes in the industry. Styling is going to take the lead. A dress will be a dress but bold accessories and styling can make it a unique expression of the person who wears it. Consumers become art directors of their own image.

My collection consists of big and bold accessories and handcrafted clothing pieces made of various layers of fabric. The person wearing my clothes can opt to place the fabrics and style the accessories in a way that reflects their own image.

Photos: Peter stigter
Model foto 1: Karim Moussouli

Model foto2: Yorick Gerards