Anne van den Boogaard
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the collection

We do everything experimental till death is upon us. In our face mortality and lots of things seem futile. Love and music can save us, and do. While the giant grey monster grows more poisonous and volatile around us. Jaws clamping down and spewing ugly shit around. Everything is the same so we keep moving.

This collection is about the element of surprise, about pushing the unexpected and being alive in every way possible. The urge to wake people up arose from my frustration that today’s society’s pretty dull. Most people don’t take risks or experience highs or lows. People live safe and colorless lives. With this collection I try to pinch them.

It’s is about exploring boundaries within the aesthetics of ugliness in an anomalous way. Mocking conservative bridal dresses and ultra-American cheer outfits forms the foundation of this collection. Together with the sharp and progressive prints, the sweetness comes with anarchy. It’s soft and electric at the same time.

Photo: Valentina Vos
Hair & Make-up: Severine van Donkelaar @ House of Orange
Model: Eva B. @ Elvis