Daisy Kroon
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


Adam Göggelman is a jew. He wears mohair cardigans. He thinks the itching is a nice feeling. The sock in her pants makes her feel confident. Just like her beard, a lot of tape and hairpins are necessairy for a nice beard. He likes to stand in from of the mirror with his itching sweater, he admires teh gold pattern. With both feet on the cold linolieum. To srub myself with green soap afterwards. Nobody knows, except for her. She understands my love for sideburns. Just like I understand her urge to wear sholderpads. The drycleaner on the vorner is the best, they can clean everything. Also the with the hole. 
I am Adam.

The collection started with this Jewish guy, who wants to wear the mohair cardigans of his wife. Which is absolutely forbidden in Jewish religion. On the other hand it’s about a girl who wants to be like a Jewish man. She wears man clothes with big shoulder pads and a sock in her pants, to know how it feels like. Just like in the Jewish culture there is a lot of humor in my collection. The prints in the knitwear have a certain meaning for the one who wears it, but are not recognizable as the Jewish star or Menorah for other people. You literally carrying these small secrets with you without taking your self too serious.