Femke Hoekstra
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


This collection creates a shouting image of a female character in a silent atmosphere.  
The image I wanted to create is one of strength that is visualised in minimalism and contrast. For me contrast is a very important aspect because I belief that opposites make a stronger unity. Between two extremes there is a beautiful harmony. 
Simplicity, a silence, is what sets the tone in this collection. With simplicity as a solid base, it is the contrast that can characterise itself through shapes, lines, material and colour.

This collection shapes an image of a female character that lies close to my heart. I am shaping myself in a way that is intuitive and purely simple in means. The collection was developed not with a pen or a pencil but by draping, sculpting, painting, photographing and using computer aided techniques. The meeting between these different and sometimes contrasting techniques created something new; it created a stronger image of me, a Silent Shout.