Lisi Herrebrugh
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the collection

All eyes on us

The collection All eyes on us is inspired by an old African believe which make the lives of Albinos a real nightmare. Medicine men have a great status in Tanzania, they decide what is valuable. This power is given by the people who believe in them. For us it is just a superstition but for them their only hope. Their believe is that limbs of an albino bring great luck and wealth in life, but in reality it’s the biggest inducement for assassination. The collection All eyes on us starts a revolution and gives a new perspective for the future, where albinos work together on a revolt against the medicine men. It’s a revolution of the new generation protecting their beauty of being different.


The collection consist looks that are built out of layers. These layers create big shapes that seem from a distance to be the key for the collection, but if you come close, you’ll see surrealistic embroideries and specific details that completes the overall picture.