Lola van Praag
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the collection

Floral lines represents the way global and local processes intersect with each other in one particular area, the Flower Bulb Region, and form a new hybrid aesthetic. An area which is still deeply organized around tradition and religion, but at the same time being heavily changed by the process of globalization. This phenomenon is beautifully illustrated by the newly opened McDonalds and it’s big “M” towering and shining bright above the widespread flower fields.


For my final exam I was inspired by the visual consequences of this phenomenon, but also by the social transformations which it implies. Traditional opinions about gender have changed, and this is reflected in what people are ought to wear. In my collection I tried to mix traditional pieces like the overall, and traditional techniques like embroidery with shiny and colorful fabrics, and rethought shapes.