Milou van Esch
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht

About the collection


“My design process started with my fascination for refraction of light and by researching the physical side of light. Which is actually quite funny because in high school I hated everything that had to do with physics. Now a few years later I think it’s really fascinating. I took my old physics schoolbooks and I started researching the physical side of light. While doing my research I discovered the artist Olafur Eliasson, an artist who works a lot with physical elements such as light. His work “Remagine” has become my main inspiration for my graduation collection. It is a two-dimensional projection of light on a white wall, but it creates a three-dimensional illusion. The work evokes a sense of confusion: you know that you are moving in a square space, but you feel like the space behind the white walls continues. For me this is a characteristic of light. For example, when light shines on a part of a white wall, the wall suddenly appears three-dimensional. This feeling I wanted to translate into my collection. The Artwork “Remagine” Of Olafur Eliasson, reminded me of abstract garments, so I cut out different shapes from images of this artwork and made several collages with them. The colors of the collages consisted different shades of light, on which I also added gradients. These gradients are a reference to the light spectrums that arise when light is refracted. For me, the artwork “Remagine” has something very architectural. With the use of dry crispy and sometimes even stiff materials I strongly related to the architectonical aspect of my inspirational source.”