Fatma Kizil
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the collection

I am under construction

The concept of this collection is inspired by the customizability of men, in which the ‘I’ is formed by the influences of the environment.
The customizability of man in the digital world fascinated me, because people in the digital life don’t know any borders in deforming the body.
This collection contains distortions of a desire and a search for myself. The shapes are inspired by fictional / future prosthetics / installations.
The prints, the combination of colors and the dimensions of the deformations are created on my own body by the judgment and reactions of people around me.
If we have to show our identity in this complex environment we should also have relationships with other people to understand our identity. It is due to the mediation of others that we can understand ourselves.
‘I am how others see me.’ ‘I see myself because somebody sees me.