Paula Reichert
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht

About the collection

If you believe in reality, show me how to catch a lizard by its tail

Pinks and tulips look differently, even though both are flowers. The number five can describe with five apples or five oranges. Whenever we define something, it looses its characteristics. I am interested in looking at things in two ways: the abstract and the individual.
Your imagined flower looks different to mine. Were we to walk on the ceiling, we would call it floor. We always interact with concepts but always in a different way. It is these differences that I am interested in.
My collection works with the concept of garments. I like the challenge to work with classical garments and existing fabrics. I continuously change them until they have become something new but still remind of the original. By altering tiny things one gets an individual piece of garment that differs greatly from the original. Wearing garments backside front, pleats at uncommon places, flower embroidery over floral fabrics – it is the combination of already existing elements and my own and new ideas that characterize my collection.
My work focuses on details that I bring in because they have a big impact on the whole and highlight the possibilities of changing everything.