Carlijn Gubbens
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the collection

Who takes the bomb from the bombalombalom?

My fascination for people and their behaviour, interests and emotions forms the base of my research and design process. Of course, most fashion designers want their customers to be individualistic and eccentric. Yet most people don’t dare to be different.
As a designer, I am intrigued by the peculiarities of man. Through my work I want to inspire and encourage people to show off their individuality through the way they dress.
This collection is inspired by Dutch high school class photos. The photos show students who want to blend in with the rest and conform to what is ‘normal’.
My collection is about the girls who want to stand out in the crowd and who don’t care about how the rest of the world thinks they should dress. They wear their socks over their shoes, combine garish prints and sporty stripes with delicate patterns and floating pleats with sturdy over-sized designs.