Daniel Arosemena Jairala
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the collection

Folkloric sins of a modern dandy

The collection creates a new class of menswear that responds to the complexity of my identity and heritage. ‘Folkloric sins of a modern dandy’ overthrows traditional attires by blending the formality and playfulness of Edward VIII with the outspoken visuals of pre-colonial Latin America. Edwardian garments are re-imagined through the raw silhouette of folkloric clothing. Bold prints emphasize the graphic traditions of both worlds combining oversized tartans and herringbones with graphic symbols from pre-colonial civilizations. The collection also relies on a playful use and combination of a wide range of textiles, materials and innovative details like foil print and laser cut appliqués. Colours are inspired in the sombre appearance of traditional etiquette contrasting black, white, grey and dark blue with vivid reds, pale blues and deep yellows generating an assaulting visual. My modern dandy blooms between the influences of a strong cultural background deeply rooted in his personality and the need to amend and take control of his identity.