Karim Adduchi
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

About the collection

She knows why the caged bird sings

Having studied fine arts ever since he moved from his birth town Imzouren in Morocco to Barcelona at age 5, and in spite of him growing up with two clothiers for parents, Karim wasn’t planning on becoming a fashion designer. And while he’s already making a name as an illustrator he is now proud to have reconnected with his roots, or like he puts it; ‘I’ve lost my fear for fashion, the kind of fear that comes from respect.’
Karim’s collection is all about reconnecting with his original homeland and heritage, focussing on the story telling tradition of Berber women like his mother, with a special interest in everything that is – traditionally – not being said. ‘The collection is a process of translating the symbolism and perception of these women, to give them a voice. There is a strong duality to these women being both fragile and strong, hiding their beauty because it is a treasure. It takes time and knowledge to unravel these women’s look.