Lisa Weinberg
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


My first graduation collection was about young Russian women, their past and their present lives. I created a collection which contained pieces of both times to come to a new image. In those months of graduating I spent most time on knitting, embroidery, hand-dyeing fabrics, designing my own woven fabrics and hand-painting bells and plastics. I wanted this collection to be bold and fun, like graduating should be!


The feminine outfits burst with colour and texture. My materials were mostly plastics, silks, woollen yarns and stretchy lycra’s. A mix of many kinds as you can see. Colours were in shades of bright red and purple against softer tones of grey, green and beige.

To complete the look of these extravagant women I also designed my own hats, bags, shoes and teddy bears. In my collections I try to emphasize my special interest in developing my own textile and print designs, embroideries and other techniques which enhance the original fabric. I want to create an atmosphere. An atmosphere of refinement and sensitivity. Not especially based on reality but on a self-formed fantasy, light and colourful.