Ailene van Elmpt
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem

About the collection

For my graduation collection It’s my fault I was inspired by the mistakes we can make in our thinking process. [Like failure in proportions, omissions and anomaly]. I was curious what would happen if I would apply these kind of mistakes. I translated different kinds of failures into visual images by using specific rules during my draping proces. As a result new proportion and different shapes developed from scratch, which found their way into my collage-like silhouette and extreme asymmetry.

I was pushing at the aesthetic boundaries as can be seen in the combination of materials, colors, volumes and asymmetry. Technologies such as 3D printing are used as an inspiration to transport classical textile operations into 3D hand-embroidery. The shoes I designed, showcase the contradictions you might find in my collection and aesthetics. This women’s collection is a celebration of outspoken silhouettes, strong sense for volumes and next-level asymmetry in a new Japanese punk feeling.