Alissa van Duijn
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Bore me more

What if boredom is the entrance to creativity? Perhaps we are prejudged by the negative tone of the word. In a dream scenario, it brings us a lot of creative surprises. Because this activity often takes place unconsciously we do not always realize this. It entails a certain tranquility where we create a new world by our intuition: New contexts, curiosity about the unknown and self-made games we can always play. Originally, this menswear collection was not conceptually based but arises itself through one line drawings as an intuitive result out of boredom. These new interpretations of shirts and pants were each designed in one line during a ten second drawing and form together a living comic story. The color palette shows warm pastel colors in combination with the cool white and black frames of comics. The light poplin and batiste fabrics in contrast with the light reflecting quality of dupioni silk will contribute to the dreamy ambiance of boredom.

As a fashion designer I believe that creativity not only arise through creating concepts but also from our own intuition. This lightness is emphasized by mixing different media on both analogue and digital platforms. Integration of new found forms which exists out of daily life with wearables is the main aim. Intuition, positivity and emotion are keywords that will predominate in my designs. The dream is to delete prejudgments and negativity by transforming these into airy atmospheres.