Danial Aitouganov
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

Wearing jeans or executing “male work” to express female equality is a thing of the past. However, social media, politics, music, movies and print media are still living proof of an unequal society where women have to be perfectly tailored towards cultural expectations in order to be accepted or respected.
The 4th wave of feminism is shaped by women who try to fight for their rights in an advanced manner, as individuals rather than mimicking male ideals. They realize that being a woman does not only mean to choose between “well-behaved housewife” and “sexualized rule-breaker”. Instead, individuals deliberately choose to explore the grey zones of being a woman to strive for genuine liberation.

This collection seeks to portray a woman that is free, smart, playful yet rebellious. The juxtaposition of utilitarian details and playful prints enhance the voluminous silhouettes and concur to shape a current creative expression.