Kim Kivits
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the collection

Kim likes to think of herself as a storytelling fashion designer with a fascination for sports -and outdoor

wear. What she wants to accomplish most with her designs is to tell people stories. These stories can

either be fictional or based on an accurate social issue. Kivits’ brand transcends a certain dark and moody

atmosphere that usually covers the subject of the story that goes with it. What she wants to achieve as

well is for people to see the aesthetic of outdoor wear and how functional outdoor wear can be worn as

daily streetwear.

With her DOOMSDAY GRADUATE collection, Kim discusses two speculative scenarios that address

extreme climate change in the future. The scenarios are named Ice Age and Flooding Era. The collection

that goes with these two scenarios is supposed to protect people in these two complete new worlds with

extreme weather conditions. All outfits are built around the classic three-layer concept, consisting of a

bottom, middle and top layer. The layers, all made from special functional fabrics, are supposed to

support each other to provide the wearer maximum protection against extreme cold or rainy weather