Laure Meyers
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the collection

The concept of my collection is inspired by my fascination with Rachel Ruysch as a person, but also for the refinement,

the technique and use of colour, which are brought out in her floral still life paintings. The heavy theme, expressed in her paintings, overwhelmed me, but at the same time made me feel happy. The brightly coloured and delightful flowers in the center are simply a distraction for the withered flowers on the side. In my collection I play with these contrasts. My collection tells a story that evokes both joy and sadness. A feeling that I visualize through the black and white in contrast with bright green, pink, red and orange in refined and feminine silhouettes. My love for prints and handcrafts is portrayed in floral designs that are melted together with knitting and embroidery. By using an interaction between silhouette, colour and print, I create my own floral still life.