Suzanne Barten
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the collection

My collection is based on my fascination of the way that we manifest ourselves as individual, in a time where social media has a big influence. An identity is an ongoing process, like a journey through your idealized standards. We are busy creating an idealistic image of ourselves. The technology that’s being used to create this image makes our reality a simulacrum, so in fact it replaces the reality. On some level we know that this created image does not match with the truth. But still we take this as a measurement to develop ourselves into a person that we would like to be. Are we losing our authentic identity, in a world where social media has such an enormous influence? In this collection I am facing the interaction between these two contrasts. I created some kind of layers, where the outside layer displays a cover for our fragile origins, while some little cols represents the stuffiness of having to comply with an idealistic image.