Woody 's-Gravemade
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

About the collection

The concept for my graduation collection is mixing two cultures together, the Western culture and the Middle East culture. Mixing European clothes with the traditional Islamic garments, I want to melt these two worlds and make one culture out of it. Show that these Islamic garments such as the burka or niqab and women who hide their hair are very inspiring and I want to show this in an artistic and fashionable way.

Also the Dutch-Moroccan youth culture is a big inspiration for this collection, the guys who wear these traditional djellaba’s and combining this clothes with very typical European clothes such as shinny padded jackets and high fashion Italian brands. The shapes of my silhouettes are inspired by these two inspiration sources and I tried to work with volumes, draperies, modern fabrics such as polyesters or plastics. Besides that I work with a print who is related from the very cheap plastic bags named the “Turkentas” and warped it and make it more abstract, I also use the Turkentas to make new clothes and all-over shapes.