Miriam Hartwig
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht


Unit 0.1 is about the changeability and flexibility of identity. 
Ideas, such as individualism, uniformity and the complexity of human clothing behavior.
The basic idea is to show that clothing is an expression of ones identity, the effect that it has on others surrounded (outwards), that it has on oneself (inwards) and also how the environment affects ones clothing behavior.


unit 0.1 can be seen as a  comment on fashion itself, as well as a mirror of present fashion behavior of western society. It is about the demand for individuality, the demonstration through fashion that someone belongs to a certain group or class and how someone could use fashion in order to express and even manipulate.


The complexity of the topic is translated in the collection by using layers, style and epoch mixes. Starting with simple silhouettes and basics from western tailoring that were deconstructed, the silhouettes develop into complex pieces of clothing yet simple and minimalistic. Most of the pieces can be combined in different ways.


They are accessories that can be mixed and allow to be worn in an individual way. The inspiration for shapes and material come from uniforms, function, fashion classics, traditional dress and architecture. Shapes and elements from different genres and epochs were combined with contemporary fashion basics and phenomenon and were finally abstracted and reduced in color in order to create a new kind of unity. The interest of unit 0.1 is to isolate the space between the person who wears clothing and his surrounding and tries to combine idea / fashion theory, clothing / object and finally consumer / audience.