Ruby Russell
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem

About the Collection

Rebecca and her daughters

At Lichting I will present the five daughters of Rebecca, named after the Rebecca riots, Wales, 19th century. Every daughter has her own personality and therefore her own taste in shape, textiles and colours.

As my father is Welsh, I travelled to his home country to gain inspiration for my graduation collection. I researched British humour; it can be really dark and ambiguous, full of self-mockery. For me Fashion can be fun and serious at the same time although I find it a big challenge to find the right balance between those two.

I translated the silhouette of the Welsh National Costume into looks with a lot of volume and layers. The illustrations of Terry Gilliam for Monty Python showed me how to combine bright colours and random objects. If you ever visited Wales, you know you can’t avoid the sheep!