Sarah Bruylant
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

About the Collection

Meet me in anther world

The love story of a woman living in a fashion utopian world that meets a man who is different from everyone she met before. She directly falls in love with him. This man is from our world, not interested in fashion, he wears grey jeans with sneakers. For the love she has for him, she tries to be like him and adapt herself to his world but she cannot because she is too couture. She misses her fashion world which allows you to express herself freely without judgment so much that she breaks up with him, for the love of fashion”.

Being a bit fed up with our fashion industry and all the problems that are linked to it, I decided to create my own fashion utopian world which is a painting of all the elements I love about fashion.

My fashion universe is a place where people wear crazy, bright, bold fashion. A kind of fashion which is on the edge of being art that is able to transport viewers and wearers to another place amongst the galaxy or one that is parallel. In this world, people make the difference between clothes and fashion.

Imagine streets filled with colours, everyday is a festival, a carnival where no judgement exists and every shape becomes a personal message