Rachael Cheong
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

About the Collection


My collection is about the hiding of your deepest darkest secrets, through the eyes of a porcelain doll. I see the doll as a surrogate body in which we project ourselves onto. She sits in your room, watching your every move, she knows every word you mutter, your fears, guilt and shame yet she does not and cannot say anything. I’m interested in the dehumanization of the body and turning my models into living dolls with disproportionate bodies. I work with sharp points that come out from the clothing or are hidden under fabrics to reflect the emotional landscape of a person keeping a secret. In contrast, the fabrics used are familiar and unthreatening, in fact they make reference to interior coverings; “hiding” in a wider context. It’s not just the dolls who know, but like they say, the walls have ears too.  We live in a world where we’ve become increasingly focused on showing only our successes. To avoid a dystopian future of becoming emotionless dolls, I want my audience to acknowledge their dark side; the negative emotions and the bad times because it’s the balance that keeps us human.