Roos Boshart
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

About the Collection

I am a slave of your perception, you are a slave of mine

The collection ‘I am a slave of your perception, you are a slave of mine’ is about the deconstruction and reconstruction of iconic pieces. We all have certain meanings we give to those iconic pieces; we know how to wear them and what they communicate.

But by turning the suit, the trench coat, evening dress, faux fur coat etc. into radical designs, a new sound is given to the constant rhythms of the fashion industry.

I want to show all those iconic fashion pieces without this all-known context. Therefore I literally take away the air surrounding the pieces, I transform the clothes into vacuum, wearable installations.

Without context, I show the pieces in their most honest and blanco form, so that they are open to be reviewed by the public. By taking away the context of those iconic pieces, the viewer of the collection is being forced to create his own opinion about what he sees. Please remember to think for yourself!